Vegetation and the local law

Brisbane City Council's Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (NALL) helps to protect our natural assets, including bushland areas, wetlands, waterway corridors and trees in urban areas. The NALL also allows better management of the impacts of weeds and hazardous vegetation.

Council has been protecting vegetation with Local Laws since 1991. The NALL delivers a balance between protecting the city’s environment and people, property and lifestyle.

The Local Law is not a land use control. However, along with the Brisbane City Plan 2014 it requires landowners to consult Council to adopt a responsible approach in deciding what vegetation will be retained as part of any proposal to build a house, subdivide or develop land.

To find out if your property has protected vegetation, contact Council.

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Types of protected vegetation

There are four categories of vegetation protected under the NALL. Find out about vegetation protected by the local law and other legislation, development approval conditions, covenants and heritage listing.

Apply for a permit to work on protected vegetation

Landowners must seek Council permission to clear, remove or work on protected vegetation, unless an exemption applies. Find out more about the permit application process and what type of permit you might need.


Protected vegetation frequently asked questions

Council identifies protected vegetation under the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (NALL). This law protects Brisbane’s vegetation and delivers a balance between protecting the city’s environment and people, property and lifestyle. Find out more information about the protected vegetation categories and whether your property contains protected vegetation.

Vegetation Protection Orders

Find out about new protection orders, public notification of new orders, the submission process and how to send a submission to Council.


Permit exemptions for protected vegetation

Some work is allowed on protected vegetation without a permit. These permit exemptions are set by the NALL. Find out more. 

Nominating vegetation for protection

If your property has significant vegetation or you would like to nominate a tree for possible protection, complete an online request form.

Street trees

Council plants and maintains street trees to ensure Brisbane residents receive all the benefits trees bring to our streets.


Verge gardens

Council has developed guidelines which support residents in establishing a verge garden between the property boundary and the road kerb on residential zoned lands. Learn more about the guidelines, starting a footpath garden, who is responsible for maintenance and recommended plants.

Vegetation Management

Council’s local laws assist in reducing the impacts from invasive pest plants, as well as managing overgrown and unsightly vegetation.

More information

For more information you can download the Natural Assets Local Law 2003 from the Queensland Government website.

To find out if your property has protected vegetation, contact Council.