Residential projects

Use this section to find out whether you need Brisbane City Council approval for your residential project. This section also provides advice on the types of residential plumbing and drainage work that require Council approval. 

Find what you need


Find out whether you need approval to build a new house or to extend, raise or renovate an existing house. You may need to apply to demolish, remove or relocate a building, or a part of a building. If you want to build a duplex (dual occupancy) or multiple dwellings, you will need to lodge a planning application.

""Filling and Excavation

Depending on the extent of the work and requirements specific to the site, development approval may be required.

""Plumbing and drainage

Find out what plumbing and drainage work requires Council approval. Also find out how to apply for approval, arrange plumbing inspections and order plans.


Building additional structures on your property can provide space, storage and access and improve your property value. Find out if you need approval to build structures such as carports and garages, decks, sheds and pontoons/jetties.

""Yards, pools, fences and landscaping

Find Council's requirements to install a swimming pool or spa, build a fence/retaining wall, add a rainwater tank, landscape your property or erect outdoor lighting. This section includes information on setbacks (if applicable), exemptions and approvals.