Plumbing and drainage

All plumbing and drainage work must comply with current legislative requirements and regulations. Find out about the types of plumbing and drainage works that require Brisbane City Council approval and how to apply for approval and arrange inspections.


Do I need plumbing approval

Find out about different types of plumbing and drainage work, including when you need to get Council approval.


Plumbing fees and charges

Find out about the fees and charges for plumbing and drainage applications and which approval processes are applicable.


Copies of plans and working with sewers and drains

Find out how to obtain copies of plans and information about working with sewers and drains.


Plumbing and drainage applications

Find out about about lodging a plumbing and drainage application with Council.


Backflow prevention program

Do you have a backflow prevention device on your property? Council maintains a program for the registration, maintenance and testing of backflow prevention devices in Brisbane.


PlumbSMART is Council’s self-assessable alternative to the full compliance assessment of eligible plumbing and drainage work.

Plumbing inspections and as-constructed plans

Find out how to book an inspection, Council’s requirements and how to find a licensed plumber.

On-site sewerage facilities

An on-site sewerage facility is any system that stores, treats and disposes of household wastewater on the property. Find out your responsibilities.

Plumbing forms and fact sheets

View a list of all available plumbing forms and fact sheets in one convenient location.

Combined sanitary drains

A combined sanitary drain is a shared private house drain that is not owned by Council or Queensland Urban Utilities and serves two or more properties. 

Water supply and sewerage

Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) delivers water and wastewater services to customers in Brisbane.