Neighbours and siting variations | Brisbane City Council

Neighbours and siting variations

If you build near your boundary and need to apply for a siting variation, Council recommends that you consult your neighbours.

If you need contact information for the adjoining landowners, you can request a current title search from the Queensland Government.

Neighbour's statement

Full Assessment (Concurrence Agency Applications) need to include the outcome of the consultation with your neighbours. Alternatively, you can provide a statement about why you could not consult the affected landowners.

Siting Variation Express applications do not require you to consult with your neighbours. However, Council advises you to consult with your neighbours in the same way.

Give your neighbours a copy of your proposed building plans and Council’s Concurrence agency application - part 2 (PDF - 69kb). Let them know what siting variation you are seeking and what boundary it relates to. Then give them enough time to review the proposal, ask questions and return the completed form to you. Include the completed form in your application.

Generally, proposed buildings at the front or rear of the property need statements from both neighbours. If Council’s assessing officer determines that your proposal will impact other neighbours, you may need further statements.

Advice for neighbours

Council will contact neighbouring property owners to discuss the proposal when they nominate this request on the neighbour’s statement (part 2).

There is no law that requires a homeowner to consult with the community regarding a siting variation. For this reason, there are no appeal rights for neighbours.

18 March 2019