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If you’re seeking ways to chill and de-stress, Brisbane has an abundance of spaces and activities with relaxation in mind.

Check out Brisbane’s best new parks and playgrounds near you, including new Brisbane parks for picnics, nature play, obstacle courses, water play, thrill-seeking,skate tricks and more.

From larger-than-life suburban murals to mini masterpieces hidden down one of Brisbane's vibrant laneways – street art culture is alive and #thriving in Brisbane.  

If you’ve been waiting for the return of live music and arts, craving a street party or wanting to celebrate with your neighbours, it's time to get excited – Brisbane Festival is back!

If our subtropical seasons, endless sunshine and vibrant city isn’t enough reason to holiday at home, think about all the great local businesses (food, fun, leisure or shopping) who’ll be happy to see your face during your long weekend staycation. Stay, play and vacay, the Brissy way.

Ready for a change of scenery? Lace up your trainers and mix it up with Brisbane’s best running routes. Our lifestyle city is perfect for an outdoor run along the river or through sprawling greenspace.  


Last updated:30 July 2020