Public transport

Brisbane City Council is busy delivering Australia's most modern public and active transport, including the Brisbane Metro. We operate one of the largest bus fleets in Australia, along with the iconic CityCat (including SpeedyCats) and CityFerry network. Find information about buses, Brisbane Metro, CityCats, CityFerries, Council Cab and other transport services.

For further information about timetables and tickets in Brisbane, visit the TransLink website or call them on 13 12 30.


Find out about Brisbane's City and Spring Hill Loop, CityGlider and BUZ services, as well as information on bus depots, accessibility, charters and safety.


CityCat, SpeedyCat and ferry services

Council operates 21 CityCats and nine monohull ferries (including CityHoppers) along a network of 25 terminals from St Lucia to Northshore Hamilton. Our SpeedyCats provide more than 100 peak-hour express services each week.


Brisbane Metro

Brisbane Metro is a key part of Council's plan to get you home quicker and safer, with more travel options, less congestion and better public transport.

Timetables and tickets

Find out where to get public transport timetables, route information, tickets, concession travel and faulty tickets.

Lost property and feedback

Find out about how to claim lost property and how to provide feedback on public transport in Brisbane.

Special taxi services

Council provides personalised public transport (PPT) for people in areas where TransLink services are restricted and Council Cabs for people with special needs. 

School transport

By rethinking travel behaviours and taking active school travel options, we can all play a part in reducing traffic around schools.

Our accessible, connected city

In 2031, Brisbane will be an accessible city for everyone. Residents, workers, students, visitors and business people will be able to move easily throughout the city.

Commemorative CityCat and bus designs

Council's commemorative CityCat and bus designs aim to increase community pride, acknowledge success stories in our city and commemorate historic events.