Councillors' Remuneration Policy

Brisbane City Council first established an independent Councillor Remuneration Tribunal to determine councillor remuneration (salary and allowances) in 2013.

In accordance with its Terms of Reference, the Tribunal is to be reappointed every five years. A review was conducted in late 2017 and the Findings and Recommendations of the 2017 Tribunal were presented to the Council’s CEO on 24  November 2017 for implementation on 1 July 2018.


The Councillor Remuneration Policy will applies to all classes of offices in Council including:

  • Lord Mayor
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Chairman of Council
  • Chairmen of Standing Committees
  • Leader of the Opposition
  • other Councillors

The Findings and Recommendations of the independent Councillor Remuneration Tribunal have been produced as an online document.

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Download the findings and recommendations of the 2017-18 independent Councillor Remuneration Tribunal:

Download the findings and recommendations of the 2013 independent Councillor Remuneration Tribunal:

In the ensuing years between review periods, Council adopts annual percentage movements as set out by the State Government’s Queensland Independent Remuneration Tribunal.

11 December 2017