Housing Support Program budget tips | Brisbane City Council

Housing Support Program budget tips

A budget is required to support your application for a Housing Support Program grant. You can read budget tips and review the budget table example on this page, to assist you with developing your budget.

Budget tips

  • Make sure your total project income equals your total expenditure.
  • Volunteer staff can be costed from $35 per hour for non-skilled labour and at relevant rates for professionals.
  • Provide a minimum of two recent quotes.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the guidelines, particularly regarding what equipment purchases are eligible for funding.

Please note that for the purpose of assessment:

  • All budget figures provided must be GST exclusive i.e. deduct GST from quotes and invoices.
  • If your organisation is not GST registered the 10% GST will be added to your grant prior to assessment, but will not be itemised as GST.
  • If your organisation is GST registered 10% GST will be added to your grant as an itemised GST gross-up.

An example budget table for the Housing Support Program is below:

Income (source of funding) Amount (ex GST) Project expenditure (description of work and name of supplier) Amount (ex GST)
Brisbane City Council Housing Support Program grant $1.00 Home maintenance packs $1.00
Organisation's financial contribution to the project $1.00 Kitchen installation $1.00
Organisation's in-kind contribution to the project $1.00 Meeting room hire (in-kind) $1.00
Organisation's contribution of time by paid staff and volunteers $1.00 Part time administrator costs (in-kind) $1.00
Other grants e.g. State Government grant (approved) $1.00 Printing resources, advertising $1.00
Other income $1.00 Removalist costs $1.00
Total income $6.00 Total expenditure $6.00

NOTE: Ensure all income and expenditure totals match.

14 January 2019