Water is vital for our health and wellbeing, and for the liveability and economy of the city. As Brisbane's population increases, so does the demand on clean water, creeks and rivers and the need to introduce water cycle management solutions that are innovative and sustainable. Find out how Brisbane City Council is becoming a water smart city and how you can help protect our waterways including installing a raingarden, undertaking water smart actions or by getting involved in one of Council's creek catchment programs.


Catchment projects

Council is working on several projects to restore and protect out waterways, including Norman Creek and Coorparoo Creek projects. Find out more about these projects.

WaterSmart Strategy

Brisbane City Council's WaterSmart Strategy will help guide Brisbane towards the goal of becoming Australia's most sustainable, liveable and water smart city. Download a copy of the strategy.


Water Smart Homes

Being water smart means more than just water conservation. It is also about sustainable water use and the protection of waterways.

Waterway health programs

Council is working to improve the health of our waterways through programs including planting water smart street trees, water quality monitoring and more.

Water quality monitoring

Council is monitoring water quality in Brisbane waterways. Find the monitoring results and also read frequently asked questions.

Water supply and sewerage

Queensland Urban Utilities supplies water and wastewater services for customers in Brisbane.

Creek catchments program

Council has five Creek Catchment officers across Brisbane who work with local catchment groups to help protect our waterways.

Brisbane's Total Water Cycle Management Plan

Council and Queensland Urban Utilities endorsed Brisbane's Total Water Cycle Management Plan in June 2013. The plan guides Council's management of our city's water resources.


Parts of Brisbane may have been affected by backflow flooding during the January 2011 floods. Read about Council's investigation.

Stormwater and drainage complaints

Council can investigate water pollution complaints that result from items such as soil, sand, silt and mud that is discharged into our waterways and catchments, either directly or through roadside gutters and stormwater drains.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is part of Council's vision for a WaterSmart city. It supports an integrated approach to the planning and design of urban environments through sustainable water management supporting the liveability of Brisbane.