Water smart homes

Brisbane City Council’s role in water is to work with the community to protect and enhance our waterways and to mitigate the effects of flooding. Our aim is to show leadership in water protection and management and to build a water smart community. Learn tips on how you can help make Brisbane more water smart.

Council has developed the WaterSmart Strategy to help deliver a water smart city.

Queensland Urban Utilities now supplies water, water meters and wastewater services in Brisbane. For general enquiries, phone 13 26 57. To report a fault or emergency, phone 13 23 64.


Water smart actions

Find out about practical actions you can take to be water smart in your home, garden and outdoors.

Mother and daughter watering plants with watering can


Greywater is wastewater from the bath, shower, basin, laundry tub and washing machine that can be used on lawns, gardens and for other purposes around the home.

Rainwater tank on the side of a house

Rainwater tanks

Find out about choosing and using a rainwater tank to help you save water and money. 



Raingardens are garden beds which use native plants and free draining soils to capture and treat pollutants typically found in stormwater. Find out how you can install one and the benefits.


WaterSmart Strategy

The goal of the WaterSmart Strategy is to make Brisbane a water smart city, to support the liveability of our city by managing water sustainably. 


Water sensitive urban design engineering guidelines (superseded) and fact sheets

View the Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) engineering guidelines for stormwater that provide water cycle solutions for urban development.