General parking rules

Brisbane City Council has general rules for parking in Brisbane. The parking rules include parking in the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) and on residential streets. Parking rules ensure all roads and footpaths are used safely by motorists and pedestrians.

Ensure you don't park:

  • on footpaths or footpath ramps
  • across driveways or footpaths
  • in any area or space designated for emergency, essential services or disability parking (permitted vehicles are accepted).

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Unless otherwise signed, the following rules apply at intersections and bus stops:

  • park at least 10 metres from an intersection without traffic lights
  • if there are traffic lights, park at least 20 metres away from the intersection
  • park at least 20 metres behind a bus stop, or at least 10 metres in front.

View the Parking Guide to Brisbane

Report illegal parking

Phone Council on 07 3403 8888:

  • to report an illegal or dangerously parked vehicle
  • if you think your vehicle has been towed.

Traffic and parking control areas

There are a number of traffic and parking control areas in place where area-wide time limits apply. To stay longer than the area-wide time limit, metered parking zones and off-street carparks may allow you to park longer.

For further information on Queensland's road rules, visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads website.

Parking fines may apply if you don't follow these rules. Check your parking fine or find out how to pay or appeal a parking fine.

Last updated: 21 February 2022

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