Greywater application process

You must obtain Brisbane City Council approval in order to install a greywater diversion device or treatment plant. A licensed plumber is required to install these devices.

Before you submit an application you must check your property is suitable for greywater irrigation. Suitability depends on various land aspects as well as the amount of greywater your household generates.

Check land suitability

If you wish to use untreated greywater on your lawns or gardens you can contact Building Codes Queensland to determine if your property is suitable.

The suitability criteria are:

  • that the slope should be less than or equal to 15% to prevent greywater run off
  • that different soil types affect the ability to retain or transmit greywater
  • the minimum depth to the water table is stipulated in the Queensland Plumbing and Wastewater Code, available from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
  • proximity to floodplains and waterways

If you believe your property meets all of the land suitability criteria, you can provide a soil test, photo, or a site or hydraulics plan as supporting evidence with your application.

Calculate your water volume

You must also work out if your property can cope with the volume of greywater generated by your household. To calculate your household's weekly estimate, use the formula from the Department of Local Government and Planning.

Submit your greywater application

When you have checked your property's greywater suitability, you must apply to Council with the following:

  • plumbing forms 1, 2 and 7 from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning
  • site plans
  • land application area calculations (if you intend to use greywater on your garden)
  • hydraulic plans (if you intend to treat greywater for other uses)
  • property owner’s declaration
  • supporting documentation
  • applicable fee

Allow 10 workings days for the assessment of a diversion device application and 20 working days for the assessment of a treatment plant application.

Council will advise you of the outcome in writing. Once you have received written approval from Council, a licensed plumber can proceed with the installation. Your plumber must arrange for Council to inspect the work.

Council monitors greywater systems once they have been installed. This ensures they comply with the conditions of their approval and do not affect public or environmental health. Participation in Council’s Greywater Audit Program is compulsory and some fees may apply.

Last updated:11 October 2018