Greywater audit program

You do not need approval to bucket your greywater onto your garden or attach a hose to your washing machine. However, you must ensure there is no run-off from your property.

Brisbane City Council must give approval to install either a permanent greywater diversion device or a greywater treatment system.

Council monitors these systems after installation. This ensures they comply with the conditions of their approval and do not affect public or environmental health.

The program for greywater diversion devices involves on onsite inspection 12 months after the systems commissioning date and every three years after that. Greywater treatment system owners must provide Council with a copy of the annual service report.

Participation in Council's Greywater Audit program is compulsory for those who install a more complex system. Fees may apply.

Greywater offences and penalties

Council officers investigate complaints about greywater to protect your health, well-being and the environment.

Authorised Council officers can issue on-the-spot fines for greywater offences such as:

  • use of an unapproved greywater system
  • installation performed by a person who is not a licensed plumber
  • plumbing work not approved by Council
  • allowing greywater to pond, cause an odour or run-off the property.

Use greywater responsibility. Follow the approval conditions to avoid fines.


Last updated:3 May 2019