Community composting

Brisbane City Council has partnered with a number of community gardens around Brisbane to help residents turn kitchen scraps into nutrients for soil.

Food waste is a big part of what goes into Brisbane’s bins and composting helps to reduce the amount of organic waste we send to landfill. Composting is an easy way to build an understanding of where our food comes from and how valuable our kitchen scraps can be in the cultivation and harvesting cycle.

This program asks residents living near the new community composting hubs to regularly contribute their kitchen scraps to the community garden compost bin.

With the support of Council and local garden volunteers, residents will also learn more about the many benefits of composting and other great ways to reduce the amount of organic waste they create.

Registered participants will receive a free kitchen caddy to help them collect and transport scraps to their local composting hub where onsite signage will make composting quick and easy. 

Community composting hub locations

There are a number of community composting hubs across Brisbane. View the locations as a Google map or table.

Register online

Register online to be involved at a community composting hub near you or come to one of the welcome and information events at the community composting hubs.

You can also register to participate in a free Council compost and worm farm workshop to learn more.

Event information

19 January 2018