Bayside Parklands track map

""The Bayside Parklands track map offers different walks and explains things such as the difficulty level and who they are suited to. You can also find out more about the Bayside Parklands including what habitat you will see there and the best things to do.

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Download the Bayside Parklands track map (2.44Mb).

Popular walking and cycling tracks

Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk: 1.5 kilometres - 40 minutes

This circuit is located at Wynnum North near Elanora Park and includes walkways and a boardwalk that passes through the mangroves. It links to a birdhide overlooking saltmarshes.

Grade: easy
Suited to: walking, wheelchair assisted
Habitat: mangroves, regeneration area
Must: go to the birdhide

Lota Creek Boardwalk: 2 kilometres - 1 hour

This circuit walkway, of which part is a boardwalk, links the formal parkland areas of Lota to the natural reserve areas of Ransome. It passes across Lota Creek, past saltmarshes and paperbark forests before entering the dry eucalypt forest common to this area.

Grade: easy
Suited to: walking, wheelchair assisted
Habitat: mangroves, saltmarshes, dry eucalypt and paperbark forests
Must: walk the boardwalk

Cycleway: 8 kilometres - 1.5 hours to cycle, 4 hours to walk

A cycleway runs along the foreshore between Elanora Park and the Lota Boardwalk. It can be accessed from the car parks located along the foreshore area or from the southern side of Lota Creek off Chelsea Road. The cycleway runs past all of the Parklands’ major features.

Grade: easy, flat
Suited to: cycling, walking, wheelchair assisted
Habitat: mangroves, beach
Must: picnic, swim, fly a kite, kick a ball

26 September 2016