Rubbish collections

Brisbane City Council has various rubbish collections for general refuse, green waste, recycling and the large item kerbside collections. Find out about when to put your bins and kerbside rubbish out, what items are acceptable and Council's rubbish trucks.


Kerbside collection

Brisbane City Council offers free kerbside large items collections for residents to help you dispose of unwanted items around your home. Check the calendar to see when the kerbside collection will be happening in your suburb.

""Bin collection calendar

You can use the bin collection calendar to find out which day your rubbish bin, recycling bin or green waste bin is collected.

""Bin collections

Council provides bin collections services for general rubbish, recycling and green waste bins. Find out how to get an extra collection, an in-home service and how to report a missed bin.

""Moreton Island waste services

Three waste transfer stations are provided by Brisbane City Council to assist residents in the disposal of general waste, recycling, garden waste and batteries.


Rubbish trucks

Council uses dedicated rubbish trucks to collect general waste, green waste and recycling.