2003 amendments - Superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000 updates register

This page includes 2003 amendments to the superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000.

Amendments to City Plan effective 1 January 2003 (Update 4)

Amendments to level of assessment tables in Chapter 3

  • Making houses in the Rural Area only subject to notifiable code assessment where they are on lots smaller than one hectare in area, rather than the current four hectares
  • Making landings subject to notifiable code assessment, rather than code assessment in Residential Areas
  • Ensuring subdivision on land subject to the old Particular Development Zone, is only code assessable, and consequential amendment to the Particular Development Code in Chapter 5
  • Including the average width requirements of the Subdivision Code in the relevant levels of assessment, that is, reconfiguring to create a lot with an average width of 15 metres or greater is code assessable, 10-15 metres is notifiable code assessable, and less than 10 metres is impact assessable - generally inappropriate

Amendments to definitions in Chapter 3

  • Clarifying the types of work that comprise Minor Building Work such as roofs over existing decks, structures over recreation areas and house raising (with qualifications)
  • Clarifying the types of work that constitute Minor Demolition Work such as moving or raising a building (with qualifications), demolition that is a natural consequence of renovations, and when removal of freestanding outbuildings is considered to be minor
  • Corrections or clarifications to the following definitions: convention centre, display and sale activity, dry cleaning/laundering, gross floor area, indoor sport and recreation, industry, multi-unit dwelling, office, restaurant, shop, warehouse

Various other amendments to Chapter 3

  • Limiting the scale of electrical distribution and transmission lines that are exempt from the City Plan, to locations identified on plan and where infrastructure already exists within the easement
  • Clarifying that generally inappropriate development will be assessed on its merits
  • Ensuring entitlements to lower levels of assessment secured by rezoning or subdivision approvals under the previous planning scheme apply until the appropriate Area classification is reflected in City Plan

New Local Plans in Chapter 4

  • New Local Plans apply for the Calamvale District, Holland Park-Tarragindi District and Toowong Major Centre
  • Consequential amendments affecting these locations include changes to some area classifications (Planning Scheme Maps), and changes to the listing of Heritage Places and Commercial Character Buildings (Appendix 2 of City Plan)

Amendments to the House Code in Chapter 5

  • Exempting specific building works associated with a house, from compliance with energy efficiency provisions
  • Change to Acceptable Solutions resulting in a house with a solar hot water system only needing to achieve an energy rating of three stars (instead of three and a half stars)
  • Removing the requirement for car parking areas, not including garages, to comply with flood immunity provisions

Amendments to the Small Lot Code in Chapter 5

  • Amendments to the list of exempt works, and clarification that these works are still self assessable against the House Code (including clarification in the relevant level of assessment tables)
  • Removing 6.2 metres height restriction to underside of ceiling, as height is effectively controlled through the other points in this Acceptable Solution
  • Removing energy efficiency requirements as these are addressed in the House Code
  • Clarifying that on corner lots with a width and depth of less than 25 metres, rear setbacks are to comply with the side boundary setback requirements rather than the six metre rear setback requirement

Amendments to the Subdivision Code in Chapter 5

  • Including requirements for public notification (as part of notifiable code assessment) of subdivisions to create small lots
  • Clarifying that the minimum lot sizes in the Character Residential Area are the same as those for the Low Density Residential Area
  • Clarifying that the area of any new truncation required as part of the development of a corner lot can be included in calculating the area/frontage of the lot
  • Removing requirements for a house design to be provided as part of a subdivision application to create a small lot

Various amendments to other codes in Chapter 5

  • Restriction on advertising notifiable code assessable applications over the Christmas/New Year period
  • Amendments to the list of exempt works in the Character Code, and clarification that these works are still self assessable against the House Code (including clarification in the relevant level of assessment tables)
  • Removing restrictions on hours of operation of a child care facility in the Home Business Code, and ensuring the number of children cared for is in line with the relevant state legislation
  • Clarifying current assessment practices regarding in what circumstances the Landscaping Code will be applied in the assessment of a development permit
  • Clarifying that the Stable Code only apples to the special stable areas in Deagon and Hendra, and including a six metre frontage setback for these uses; consequential amendments in the level of assessment tables remove the Stable Code as an Applicable Code in the Rural Area and include stables as impact assessable - generally appropriate where in the special stable areas
  • Recognising high voltage electricity supply easements as a development constraint in the Structure Planning Code

Parkland contributions

  • Amendments to parkland contributions (Planning Scheme Policy 1 in Appendix 1 of City Plan) have been effective since 13 September 2002; this package replaces the interim black and white update with the final print version


  • Updates to contents and index pages

Mapping changes

  • New Local Plan boundaries for Calamvale District, Holland Park-Tarragindi District and Toowong Major Centre
  • Area Classification changes related to Local Plans listed 
  • Heritage Place and Commercial Character Building changes both related to Local Plans listed above and for other reasons
  • Ministerial designations  

Amendments to City Plan effective 1 July 2003 (Update 5)

City Plan maps

  • Planning Scheme Map 2 of 3 titled Waterway Corridors and Wetlands has been updated to provide more detailed city-wide mapping of wetlands

Amendments to Chapter 3

  • Clarifying where Display Dwellings, Estate Sales Offices, Filling and Excavation, and Temporary Dwellings are exempt from the City Plan
  • Moving land uses specific to the Upper Mount Gravatt Major Centre from the Centres level of assessment tables to the Upper Mount Gravatt Major Centre Local Plan
  • Ensuring that Hotels and Nightclubs in Convenience Centres are subject to a notifiable code assessment application to allow potential amenity impacts to be appropriately assessed and managed
  • Clarifying the definitions of Gross Floor Area, Car Park and Utility Installation

Amendments to Chapter 4

  • Commercial Character Buildings
    • removing Commercial Character Buildings from Multi-purpose Centres and including them in the Demolition Control Precinct. Provisions to assess the character value of these buildings have been included in the Demolition Code and Centre Design Code
    • removing the need for a citation from the Commercial Character Building Code
    • amending the City Plan Scheme Maps to reflect the removal of Commercial Character Buildings from Centres and the inclusion of these sites in the Demolition Control Precinct
  • Demolition Control in local plans
    • removing demolition control from Medium and High Density Areas
    • making the demolition of all buildings in the Demolition Control Precinct subject to a notifiable code application
  • Ensuring that all Multi-unit Dwellings throughout the City are subject to impact assessment by amending the Kangaroo Point Peninsula, New Farm and Teneriffe Hill, Newstead and Teneriffe Waterfront, and Petrie Terrace and Spring Hill Local Plans
  • Discouraging further subdivision of the war service home estate at Clifton Hill by amending the Moorooka District Local Plan
  • Introducing facade design controls for development fronting the City and Fortitude Valley malls into the City Centre and Fortitude Valley Local Plans
  • Clarifying in the Fortitude Valley Local Plan that residents in Centres cannot expect the same level of amenity as Residential Areas due to the mixed use nature of the area
  • Clarifying the development potential and level of assessment for Emerging Community Areas in Western Gateway Local Plan including requirements for the assessment of subdivision and houses. Note: this replaces the interim insert that was distributed to City Plan subscribers in early 2003

Amendments to Chapter 5

  • deleting codes with limited application and including their provisions into more appropriate Codes as follows:
Amendments to Chapter 5 including deleting codes with limited application and including their provisions in other Codes.Deleted Codes
DeleteInsert provisions in the…
Amusement Arcade CodeCentre Amenity and Performance Code
Awning Lighting CodeService Station Code
Bicycle and On-site Facilities CodeTransport, Access, Parking and Servicing Code
  • Amending the Centre Design Code to:
    • ensure that parking and circulation do not require reassessment if satisfactorily addressed in a Centre Concept Plan
    • ensure that Hotels do not monopolise the road frontage in Convenience Centres
  • Clarifying application of the Heritage Place Code, Non-discriminatory Access and Use Code; and Biodiversity Code
  • Amending the hours of operation, including of a definition for site cover and various minor amendments in the Industrial Design Code, Industrial Amenity and Performance Code and the Industrial Areas – Adjacent Development Code
  • Amending the level of detail required to comply with the Operational Works Code, Services Works and Infrastructure Code, Structure Planning Code and Subdivision Code
  • Introducing a revised Stormwater Management Code to provide further advice and clarity on meeting the Code's requirements and simplify many of the requirements without weakening the policy intent

Provisions for development in the Brisbane River Corridor in Chapter 5

  • Introducing Brisbane River Character Precincts into the City Plan and indicating the location of the River Corridor and Precincts on Planning Scheme Map 2 of 3 - Waterways Corridors and Wetlands
  • Ensuring that the siting and design of houses along the Brisbane River contribute to the desired character of the River Corridor Precinct in which the site is located
  • Introducing a new Landing Code to provide greater guidance regarding the appropriate types of facilities in the Brisbane River Corridor
  • Introducing additional requirements in the Waterways Code to manage development that may impact on the visual amenity of the river
  • Introducing the Brisbane River Corridor Planning Scheme Policy to provide details on the sort of information that should accompany development applications on sites within the River Corridor

Amendments to planning scheme policies

  • Heritage Register Planning Scheme Policy
    • clarifying that the preparation of a citation is not required prior to a site being listed in the register
    • including new sites from various northern suburbs in the register at Nudgee Beach, Nudgee, Banyo, Boondall, Zillmere, Geebung, Wavell Heights, Chermside, Stafford, Kedron, Everton Park and Virginia
  • Clarifying that the sale of lottery and scratch-it tickets is acceptable within small scale shops in Residential Areas. This is detailed in the Impact Assessable Uses Planning Scheme Policy
  • Correcting references and typographical errors in the Environmental Impact Assessment Planning and the Natural Assets Planning Scheme Policy
  • Deleting the car parking rate for retail showrooms in the Transport, Access, Parking and Servicing Planning Scheme Policy as retail showroom is not a defined use in City Plan
  • Updating the Centres Detail Design Manual Planning Scheme Policy to include additional Centres and improve construction details. Note The Centres Detail Design Manual requires a separate subscription to the Brisbane City Plan 2000


  • Updated contents and index pages

Mapping changes

  • Amalgamation of Local Plan Waterway Corridor, Flood Regulation corridor and 30 metre buffer corridor around waterway centre line, into one corridor
  • Addition of Brisbane River Precincts and Brisbane River Corridor along the entire river
  • Area classification changes related to the Mid North District
  • Heritage Place and Commercial Character Building additions and changes related to the Mid North District and other regions
  • Ministerial designations
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