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Development sites often contain vegetation which contributes to the landscape character of an area. Planning applications on these sites may need to comply with the following.

Planning applications for sites identified in the Significant landscape tree overlay map will need to consider how the design layout protects any significant landscape trees.

The Significant landscape tree overlay code aims to retain the landscape character and visual amenity values provided by significant landscape trees.

The Landscape work code aims to retain, protect and integrate significant on-site vegetation into development designs. This can be demonstrated by the preparation of a Landscape concept plan.

The Planting species planning scheme policy aims to promote urban landscapes that are consistent with Brisbane's subtropical climate, its natural environment, the existing local character, and specific vegetation themes, and promote the use of local native and non-invasive introduced plant species in landscaping.

Relevant standards, guidelines and resources

Brisbane City Plan 2014

Other standards

  • AS 4970-2009 Protecting trees on development sites - guides the care and protection of trees throughout the development process from site analysis to design stages and through construction
  • AS 4373-2007 Pruning of amenity trees - specifies the methods for pruning trees and provides guidance on correct practices.

For enquiries regarding site survey requirements, contact Council (Ecologist or Landscape Architect, Development Services branch).

03 July 2017