Hiring Riverstage

Riverstage is ideal for hosting:

  • an annual work cocktail party
  • a corporate ball or other corporate functions
  • large celebrations

For more information or to make a booking, phone our Events Coordinator on 07 3403 7921.  

Commercial hire

The maximum capacity for Riverstage events are:

  • all ages event with bar - 8,000 patrons
  • all ages event without bar - 9,500 patrons
  • over 18's event with bar - 9,000 patrons
  • over 18's without bar - 9,500 patrons

Acclaimed local, national and international acts have performed at Riverstage, including Powderfinger, Kesha, Chemical Brothers, Slayer, Ben Harper, INXS, Chris Isaak, Jack Johnson and Daft Punk.

To make a booking phone the Events Operations Manager on 07 3403 7921.

Noise levels

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations state that during a concert at the Riverstage:

  • noise level cannot be greater than 100dB (A) LAeq when measured 30 metres from the stage, over any five-minute interval during the event
  • all amplified noise must finish by 10pm

Noise complaints

Noise levels are measured by an independent company at spectator height from front of house. If you want to raise a concern regarding noise at Riverstage, phone the complaints hotline on 07 3403 7921.

You may request for an acoustic consultant to attend your residence and take a reading to ensure compliance.

Technical facilities

Riverstage technical facilities include:

  • 50 square metre backstage storage 
  • six metre x three metre FOH with underground cable access that can be modified to meet your requirements
  • power supply audio 150 amps per phase
  • power supply lighting 350 amps per phase
  • rigging points and weight loadings
  • internet access
  • telephone and layouts 

Site plans

The Riverstage complex has four levels. Download the floor plan for:

Ground floor - offices

Level 1 - stage, production office and two dressing rooms

Level 2 - green room, kitchen facilities and two dressing rooms

Level 3 - covered rooftop hospitality area


29 February 2016