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Air quality impact report

New developments must comply with the requirements of Brisbane City Plan 2014.

An air quality impact report will be needed for some planning applications to show that any emissions from a new development comply with the Air quality planning scheme policy. A new residential development must also protect  the health and well-being of future occupants.

The Air quality planning scheme policy includes the information required for preparing  this report including air quality and odour impacts and health risk assessment.

A detailed air quality impact report, prepared by a properly qualified expert to demonstrate how a proposed development achieves the air quality outcomes in the City Plan, will assist in a quick assessment process.

Relevant standards, guidelines and resources

Brisbane City Council


  • Victorian State Environmental Protection Policy (Air Quality Management) 2001
  • Approved Methods for the Modelling and Assessment of Air Pollutants in New South Wales 2005
  • Queensland Environmental Protection Policy (Air) 2008.

Who is responsible for content

The applicant and relevant specialist are responsible for the content, quality and effectiveness of the Air quality impact assessment report submitted to Council.

For enquiries regarding the preparation of an Air quality impact assessment report contact Council.

04 July 2018