""The CityHopper service started on 1 July 2012.

The CityHopper service allows you to rediscover Brisbane for free with ferries running every 30 minutes between 6am and midnight, seven days a week.

The CityHopper travels along the Brisbane River, stopping at North Quay, South Bank 3, Maritime Museum, Thornton Street, Eagle Street Pier, Holman Street, Dockside and Sydney Street terminals.

As the CityHopper is free, all you need to do is hop on and hop off and enjoy taking in the Brisbane River and city sights.

For up-to-date timetable information, visit TransLink's website.


Upstream service

Departs Morning Morning Morning   Evening
Sydney Street 6.00am  6.30am  7.00am




then every 30 minutes until

Dockside  6.04am  6.34am  7.04am  11.34pm
Holman Street  6.15am  6.45am  7.15am  11.45pm
Eagle Street Pier  6.20am  6.50am  7.20am  11.50pm
Thornton Street  6.25am  6.55am  7.25am  11.55pm
Maritime Museum  6.33am  7.03am  7.33am  12.03am
South Bank 3  6.37am  7.07am  7.37am  12.07
North Quay  6.42am  7.12am  7.42am  12.12

Downstream service

Departs  Morning  Morning  Morning   Evening
North Quay  6.15am  6.45am  7.15am




then every 30 minutes until

South Bank 3  6.20am  6.50am  7.20am  11.50pm
Maritime Museum  6.24am  6.54am  7.24am  11.54pm
Thornton Street  6.32am  7.02am  7.32am  12.02am
Eagle Street Pier  6.37am  7.07am  7.37am  12.07am
Holman Street  6.42am  7.12am  7.42am  12.12am
Dockside  6.53am  7.23am  7.53am  12.23am
Sydney Street  6.57am  7.27am  7.57am  12.27am

The CityHopper is supplemented by paid cross river ferry services at Holman Street, Eagle Street Pier and Thornton Street every 10 to 15 minutes. Please refer to the ferry timetables for service times.

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01 March 2017