Road safety

Use this page to find information about what Council is doing to improve road safety.


Speed awareness monitors - drive slow for SAM

Council’s Speed Awareness Monitors program, previously known as Speed awareness monitors – drive slow for SAM, is part of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk’s commitment to making Brisbane’s suburban streets safer.


LED Road Signs program

In mid-2016, Brisbane City Council announced a commitment of $3.24 million to fund the LED Road Signs program over four years. The program is a road safety initiative that involves the installation of permanent, highly visible LED road signs at known accident and traffic hotspots throughout Brisbane.


Current road and intersection upgrades

Council is building an improved road and transport network across Brisbane through a range of key projects including major road construction and intersection upgrades. Council is also working to minimise traffic congestion and to improve safety in local areas through intersection and corridor upgrades and other minor road projects.


Safe roads around schools

Council supports a number of initiatives to provide infrastructure to protect our children and school communities and encourage safety on the roads around our schools. Learn about Council’s Enhanced School Zone Signage program, the Safe School Travel Infrastructure program and funding opportunities, the Traffic Management Plan Improvements and the Queensland Government’s crossing supervisor scheme.


Road safety programs

Council is committed to delivering road safety initiatives to make Brisbane’s city and suburban streets safer. Learn about Council’s Local Area Traffic Management, Suburban Corridor Modernisation, Local Access Network Improvements, safe roads around schools, pedestrian countdown timers, traffic lights and speed limits.