Rates summary - Budget 2023-24

This summary explains the differences for rates, levies, discounts and rebates as a result of the 2023-24 Brisbane City Council Budget.

General rates

In order to continue delivering essential services and invest in our city's growth, general rates for owner occupied houses have risen by only 3.45%, less than half the March 2023 Consumer Price Index increase of 7.4%.

Rate capping, discounts and rebates

  • Pensioner rates rebates will increase by 3.45%.
  • Not-for-profit organisations will continue to receive a partial rate rebate of 50% of general rates.
  • Not-for-profit kindergartens will continue to receive a 100% rebate of general and separate rates.
  • Not-for-profit affordable housing providers may be eligible for a 20% rebate of general rates.
  • Rate capping will continue to be granted at 7.5% of general rates for owner-occupiers of residential properties (categories 1 and 10). This amount remains the same as the previous budget.
  • A small number of properties of public benefit located in the CBD Frame have been identified in table 15.12 of the Resolution of Rates and Charges and will continue to receive rate increases capped to a maximum of 20% when compared to the previous financial year.
  • Council offers a discount on rates to eligible residents with properties in categories 1 or 10 to pay their rates by the due date. This discount remains unchanged at $60 per annum.

Separate rates and utility charges

  • Waste Utility Charges increase from $382.04 to $408.80.
  • The Green Waste Recycling Service charge has been reduced by 52% from $93.68 to $45.00, to encourage more people to recycle their garden waste, reducing what goes to landfill.
  • The Commercial Waste Utility Charge of $74.56 reflects the Queensland Government’s Waste Disposal Levy and is applied to commercial rate accounts.
  • Environmental Management and Compliance Levy (EMCL) remains at 5% of general rates.
  • Bushland Preservation Levy remains at 3.5% of general rates.

Changes in minimum rates

  • Minimum general rates have increased in the 2023-24 budget by $28.28 for owner occupied houses and $61.04 for owner occupied community title scheme properties, bringing them to $847.12 and $879.88 respectively.
  • Brisbane continues to have the lowest minimum general rates in South East Queensland.

More information

Find out the full details of these charges, discounts, eligibility, and rating categories in the Resolution of Rates and Charges in the budget section.

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