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Bike boxes


A bike box, also known as a bicycle storage area, is a section of the road for cyclists to wait at a red light in front of motor vehicles. 

The main purpose of a bike box is to prevent collisions between cyclists and left-turning motorists. Cyclists are more visible to motorists when waiting in a bike box because they are in front of motorists rather than beside them.

Bike boxes have a green background and a bike symbol. They are bordered by a stop line for motor vehicles and white lines to delineate the space from neighbouring lanes. 

How to use 

Using a bike box if you are a cyclist:

  • If the traffic signal is red when you arrive at an intersection with a bike box, ride up to the front of the traffic queue and wait in the bike box. This positioning increases your visibility to adjacent motorists.
  • When the traffic signal changes to green, ride straight through the intersection or signal and make a turn.
  • Where a bike lane merges into a bike box at an intersection, you may stay in the bike lane, without moving over into the bike box.
  • When you use a bike box, you must:
    • give way to anyone that is already in the bike box
    • give way to any vehicle entering the area when there is a green or yellow light in front of the bike box.

Using a bike box if you are a motorist:

  • If the traffic signal is red, you must stop behind the first white line (at the rear of the bike box). This positioning provides you greater visibility of cyclists.
  • When the traffic signal changes to green, you must give way to cyclists who are waiting in the bike box to go straight or to turn left. Before turning left, look for additional cyclists that may be approaching on your side.
  • If the traffic signal is green, drive through the intersection as normal with caution. .
  • If turning left, always signal, check your blind spot, and give way to cyclists going straight.
  • In Queensland it is legal for a motorcyclist to enter bike boxes as long as they give way to cyclists or other motorcycle riders already there.

You must not ride or drive past the stop line on the road at a red traffic light if a bike box is not marked. If a motorist is stopped at the white stop line at an intersection, cyclists should wait alongside the motorists and not pull out into the intersection to wait in front of motorists.


There are many bike box benefits including:

  • Increases visibility of cyclists to motorists.
  • Helps prevent conflicts between left turning motorists and through travelling cyclists.
  • Allows cyclists to position themselves to turn right at intersections during red lights. This only applies to bike boxes that extend across the entire intersection.
  • Groups cyclists together to clear an intersection more quickly, which also minimises delays to traffic.

More information

If you would like to ask questions or find out more about bike boxes you can:

  • call Council on 07 3403 8888
  • email the bike box team
  • write to
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
05 October 2016