Superseded Brisbane City Plan 2000 updates register - amendments 2001

Amendments to City Plan effective 1 March 2001
Adopted amendments to City Plan (Update 1)

  • inclusion of one Planning Scheme Policy in Appendix 2 - Assessment of Brothels Planning Scheme Policy (21 November 2000)

Changes requested by state government

  • deletion of "and/or building work" from the last line of the Level of Assessment tables
  • inclusion of "(where not exempt development)" after "Satellite Dish" in the Level of Assessment tables
  • alterations to P11 and A11 in the City Centre Local Plan Code
  • alterations to the Energy Efficiency diagrams
  • alteration to P1 in the Filling and Excavation Code
  • deletion of A4.3 and alteration to A6 in the House Code
  • alteration to the note in the Light Nuisance Code
  • alteration to A4.2 in the Residential Design Character Code
  • alteration to A4.2 in the Waterway Code
01 July 2014