Application for works on a community lease site

Tenants of Council land must complete the Application for Works on a Community Lease Site online form to request the consent of Council as landlord for any proposed works within the lease area.

NOTE - DO NOT complete this application if you are proposing to hold an event or festival on the community lease site. For events or festivals on lease sites, contact Council's Festival and Events Liaison Officer on 133 BNE (133 263) for specific advice, regardless of the number of people expected to attend the event. Council's Festival and Events Liaison Officer will coordinate Council's assessment of the proposal and will advise if an Entertainment Event Permit is required.

When you need consent

You need to request the consent of Council as landlord to any proposed works within the lease area, including:

  • closed circuit television (CCTV).
  • extension to existing building/s
  • field/court lighting
  • fencing
  • filling/earthworks drainage
  • internal building work
  • new building work
  • new fields/courts
  • other lighting
  • play equipment
  • removal of buildings/structures
  • signage
  • sports field irrigation/bores
  • tree or vegetation work
  • water tanks

Work must not commence until Council provides written consent as landlord, and in certain cases, further approvals may be required from Council as local authority (e.g. development approval, advertising sign licence).

If your lease site is listed on the Contaminated Land Register or has heritage or cultural value, your proposal may be impacted.


There are no fees for this application.

How to apply

Step 1 - pre-application checks

  1. Discuss your project with a Council Sport and Recreation Officer to identify any site constraints and obtain advice on your proposal in the planning phase prior to submitting your application. If the project includes master planning or new buildings/fields/courts it is essential you discuss your proposal from the outset.
  2. Check your current condition audit to see if there are maintenance works your organisation should be undertaking prior to introducing new works.
  3. If you are applying for a grant to fund this work, you will need to submit your application for works well in advance of submitting a grant application to Council or other organisations.

Step 2 - supporting documents

Prepare the attachments required for your online application as Word, PDF or JPG files. Required attachments include:

Aerial photo

You can use Council's interactive mapping or other online mapping tools to create this plan. Mark-ups on the aerial photo can be hand-drawn. As a minimum, the plan needs to show and be clearly labelled with:

  • all existing structures and the location of proposed works
  • the location of any trees/vegetation impacted by the project.
Quotes If you have any quotes for the project, you will need to attach them to your application.
Plans of proposal You will need to upload the plans for the proposal, particularly if you are proposing new building work, extending an existing building, undertaking filling or earthworks, making internal building changes or installing sports field irrigation.
For sub tenants You will need to provide a letter of support for your proposed project from the head tenant.
Lighting projects

For lighting projects, there can be two application types:

  • concept plan for 'in principle' support (i.e. for the stage of applying for a grant)
  • final plans including full certification of compliance of the design and completed works to all applicable Australian Standards and Codes.

Step 3 - application for works on a community lease site

Complete the Application for Works on a Community Lease Site online form and upload your supporting documents.

If you are experiencing difficulty accessing or using this form, phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak with the Community Facilities Operations Team.

Application process

The Community Facilities Operations Team consults with a number of Council areas regarding proposed works. Most applications take 20-30 business days from receipt of a complete application to assess and respond. Complex applications may take longer to assess. The team will advise applicants of the expected timeframe for a response.

During peak periods, such as near grant funding closing dates, it may take longer to obtain Council approval, so if you are applying for a grant to fund your work, submit your application well in advance of submitting a grant application to Council or other organisations to avoid delays.

Other approvals

As well as Council's approval as landlord, you may need other approvals from Council as local authority for your project, including:

Council will advise you about any other requirements when you are advised about the outcome of your application for works on a community lease site.

Where applicable you may also need to engage a town planner regarding development approval and a private building certifier to obtain building approval.

Development approval process for community lease sites

Download the Development approval flow chart (Word - 112kb).

The chart illustrates the current process by which tenants of a community facility can apply for a development application, at which points along this process they are required to contact the Community Facilities Operations Team (CFOT) for approval and further information.

An application for works (AFW) form must be submitted to CFOT for processing, which can take 20-30 business days. Following assessment, the organisation will be notified on whether their application was successful, or unsuccessful. If a letter of support is given it will detail whether a development application is required by the organisation before commencing any works.

If development approval is required, it is recommended  your organisation engage a town planner regarding development approval and building certifier to obtain building approval where required.

The organisation is then required to submit the relevant Planning Act 2016 forms (either DA Form 1 or DA Form 2) to CFOT to obtain approval from Council’s delegate as landowner; this process can take several weeks.

Once delegate approval is obtained the relevant forms will be returned to the organisation.

You will then need to submit the letter from CFOT approving the works together with the relevant signed forms to Council’s Development Services online to

Visit applying and post approval for information about the development application process, types of applications, how to lodge development applications and how to avoid assessment delays.

You can access the relevant Planning Act 2016 forms at Queensland's Planning System.

Development assessment fees reduction

Charitable, religious and not-for-profit community organisations may be eligible for financial assistance to reduce development assessment fees and costs associated with obtaining written advice or attending a pre-lodgement meeting. 

If the development proposal is primarily for commercial purposes, no discount will be considered. 

A request for a fee reduction must be made in writing to the Branch Manager, Development Assessment when submitting the development application. The decision to grant a reduction is made on a case-by-case basis.

For further information about how to apply phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to the CFOT or email 

Infrastructure charges reduction

Council provides financial assistance to eligible community organisations to reduce the cost of infrastructure charges.

A reduction on infrastructure charges is available for organisations that deliver new or expanded facilities and/or services for the benefit of the wider community. The reduction is available for 75% of the infrastructure charges levied by Council on the associated development approval, up to a maximum amount of $45,000 for development approvals given between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2020.

Eligible organisations

Organisations that may be eligible for the reduction are:

  • charitable organisations that use either a volunteer or paid workforce such as Salvation Army and Red Cross
  • not-for-profit community-based organisations such as senior citizens clubs, Guides and Scout groups and other welfare cultural, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, environmental, rescue and youth organisations
  • sport or recreation organisations that provide community-based sport or recreation activities
  • religious organisations recognised by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
  • schools recognised by the Queensland Department of Education and Training
  • other organisations that may be considered eligible for the reduction in extenuating circumstances.

For further information about eligibility criteria and how to apply, visit Infrastructure charges or phone Council’s Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263).

More information

For further advice on applying to undertake works on a community leased site and development approvals  phone Council on 07 3403 8888 and ask to speak to the Community Facilities Operations Team or email

Last updated: 24 April 2019