Credit and debit card surcharge

All rates payments made by Mastercard or Visa credit and debit cards will incur a 0.61% surcharge to reflect the cost of fees charged for credit and debit card transactions. On an average rate account this is $2.29.

The $10,000 credit and debit card payment limit has been removed for the payment of rates.

Reason for the surcharge

Brisbane City Council is charged fees when customers pay their rates using MasterCard, Visa card or BPAY from a credit account. These fees add up to a considerable cost - more than $2.5 million per year.  This money can be better spent on other services like parks, buses and roads.

In line with other organisations, customers who choose to pay rates by credit or debit cards will be charged the surcharge. 

Calculating the surcharge 

The surcharge will be 0.61% of the total rates credit or debit card payment made.

Card payment amount Surcharge amount
$300 $1.83
$400 $2.44
$500 $3.05
$600 $3.66
$700 $4.27
$800 $4.88
$900 $5.49
$1000 $6.10

Paying the surcharge

The surcharge will be charged when you choose to pay your rates by using MasterCard, Visa card or BPAY from a credit account and will appear on your next rate account.

For example, if you pay the rate account issued in January by a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, the surcharge will appear on the next rate account issued in April. 

Other payment options

You can avoid the surcharge by paying your rates by other payment options

05 January 2018