Superseded Centres Detail Design Manual

The Centres Detail Design Manual was a planning scheme policy under Brisbane City Plan 2000. The manual has no effect under Brisbane City Plan 2014. For guidance on streetscape design under Brisbane City Plan 2014, refer to the applicable codes and planning scheme policies.

Each year a significant upgrade is made to Brisbane's streetscapes, particularly to the public footway, through Brisbane City Council's capital works and maintenance programs and private development contributions.

The standards in the superseded Centres Detail Design Manual were designed to deliver footways which:

  • reflect the adjacent land use and the likely pedestrian traffic
  • provide vegetation for shade and add to the city's subtropical image
  • are constructed and maintained to a consistent standard.

Download the full version of the superseded Centres Detail Design Manual:

Using the manual

How to use the superseded Centres Detail Design Manual, including contact information.

Locality advice

Guidance for Suburban Centre Improvement Projects (SCIPs) and other locations.

Streetscape design

Download the superseded Citywide Streetscape Hierarchy and information regarding footway elements and materials.

Technical details

Superseded technical details including information on pedestrian shelters, artwork construction scaffold wraps, public art and heritage kerbs.