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We are pleased to announce that we will be upgrading the intersection at Adelaide Street and Creek Street as part of the Australian Government’s 2022-23 Black Spot Program.


This table provides information on the Adelaide Street and Creek Street black spot project including address, ward, project outcome and latest news.
Address Adelaide Street and Creek Street black spot project – Brisbane CBD
Ward Central Ward
Project outcome Improved safety for all road users
Latest news Project introduction

About the project

The Australian Government’s Black Spot Program is part of the National Road Safety Strategy, which aims to improve road safety and reduce the risk of crashes, by implementing upgrade measures at each black spot location. The Adelaide Street and Creek Street intersection is a busy intersection that carries approximately 7000 vehicles and 24,800 pedestrians each day.

Between 2015 to 2021 there were a total of 16 recorded crashes at the intersection, with 12 requiring hospitalisation or medical treatment. Nine of the 16 crashes included people walking and riding and two of the 16 crashes included motorists turning right and striking people crossing the road. These accidents can be attributed to motorists choosing inappropriate gaps in the traffic due to high traffic and pedestrian volumes.

The project will improve safety conditions at the intersection for all road users by implementing red arrows to control the right turn movement from Adelaide Street into Creek Street. This will increase protection for people walking and riding and enhancing visibility for motorists at the intersection.

This project is fully funded by the Australian Government as part of the 2022 – 2023 Black Spot Program.

Project benefits

  • Enhancing safety for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists travelling through the intersection.
  • Improving the overall operation of the busy inner-city intersection for all road users.

Project details

The project will involve:

  • installing an additional traffic signal mast arm to improve visibility of traffic signals for road users
  • provision of red right-turn arrows to protect pedestrians crossing Creek Street
  • revising traffic signal phasing to cater to the additional red right-turn arrows
  • trimming trees as required to improve visibility for road users.

Project timing

  • Now – project introduction
  • Mid 2022 – start of construction
  • Late 2022 – end of construction

Project documents

More Information

If you would like to find out more about the Adelaide Street and Creek Street black spot project you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 884 681 (during business hours)
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 (outside business hours)
  • email the project team
  • write to:
    Adelaide Street and Creek Street black spot project
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated: 29 July 2022

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