Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection upgrade - Alderley

We are upgrading the Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection in Alderley to improve safety for all road users and to enhance connectivity for pedestrians.  


This table provides summary information about the Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection upgrade project including address, ward, project outcomes and latest update.
Address Enoggera Road and Moran Street, Alderley
Ward Enoggera
Project outcomes Improved safety and traffic efficiency
Latest update

Start of construction

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About the project

The Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection has a high casualty crash rate with nine crashes recorded between 2016 and 2021, all of which have resulted in medical treatment or hospitalisation. Seven of these incidents involved motorists turning right out of Moran Street and right out of Lloyd Street colliding with vehicles travelling on Enoggera Road. This can be attributed to inappropriate gap selection mostly likely due to extended delays associated with the high volume of traffic on Enoggera Road and inadequate sight distance to vehicles traveling on Enoggera Road.

Council will install traffic lights at the Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection to make it easier and safer for motorists to navigate.

The Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection upgrade is jointly funded by Brisbane City Council and the Australian Government through the Roads to Recovery program.

Project details

The project will involve:

  • installing a right-turn lane on Enoggera Road (northbound) to access Moran Street
  • installing a U-turn facility with a dedicated lane on Enoggera Road (southbound) to access Lloyd Street 
  • changing access at Lloyd Street to left-in/left-out only
  • installing dedicated right-turn and left-turn lanes on Moran Street into Enoggera Road
  • upgrading the footpaths at the corners of Enoggera Road and Moran Street
  • installing new median traffic islands along the centre of Enoggera Road, and on Moran Street and Lloyd Street approaching Enoggera Road.

Project benefits

The project aims to improve overall safety for all road users who travel through the area, including pedestrians. The project will improve safe access into Enoggera Road for motorists on the western and eastern catchments, via Lloyd Street and Moran Street.

New signalised crossings will also make travelling through the intersection safer and more accessible for residents to visit local parks, shops and catch public transport.


Works will take place from late July 2022 and will be completed late 2022, weather and site conditions permitting.

The majority of works will take place Sunday to Thursday, between 7pm and 5am when traffic volumes are lowest to minimise traffic disruptions and ensure the safety of workers onsite and road users travelling through the area. Where possible, day works will be scheduled and will take place Monday to Saturday, 7am to 5pm.

What the community can expect

Residents and businesses in close proximity to the intersection may experience:

  • Increased noise from general construction activity, increased truck movements as well as low levels of vibration and dust and light from mobile light towers (during night works).
  • Due to workplace health and safety, reversing beepers cannot be switched off.
  • Temporary traffic changes including lane closures and reduced speed limits for road users travelling through the area
  • Temporary pedestrian and cyclist detours may be required at times.
  • Safe pedestrian access around the worksite will be maintained at all times.
  • Traffic control and signage will be onsite to assist all road users around the work zone.

Project timing

  • Start of construction - late July 2022
  • End of construction - late 2022.

Bus stop temporary relocation

We had previously advised that the inbound and outbound bus stop on Enoggera Road at Lloyd Street, stop 25 (Stop ID 5119 and 5128) would be removed, however, following further investigations Council have decided to retain both inbound and outbound bus stop 25.

During construction, inbound stop 25 will be temporarily relocated 50m north near Frederick Street and the outbound stop, next to the Shell service station, will be temporarily closed. Bus users travelling outbound are advised to please use stop 24, near Beaufort Street.

Changed access to Lloyd Street

Between July 2016 and June 2021, there were five reported crashes from vehicles travelling southbound on Enoggera Road and turning right onto Lloyd Street and one crash from a vehicle travelling eastbound on Lloyd Street turning right onto Enoggera Road. Most of these crashes occurred because motorists turning right into Lloyd Street, from Enoggera Road, did not see oncoming traffic in the left outbound lane.

There is currently a weekday ban on vehicles turning right from Enoggera Road between 3pm-7pm however, compliance is an issue with most of these crashes occurring in the afternoon peak.

To improve safety, Council will be changing the Lloyd Street access to left-in and left-out only and will be providing a dedicated U-turn lane at the Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection so southbound vehicles on Enoggera Road can still turn into Lloyd Street.

Tree removal

To facilitate the project, one tree will need to be removed to enable the installation of a new traffic signal post. This tree will be replanted within the vicinity of the project. Council will undertake all vegetation work in accordance with relevant environmental guidelines and policies.

Project documents

More information

If you would like to find out more about the Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection upgrade, you can:

  • phone the project team on 1800 884 681 (during business hours)
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 (outside business hours)
  • email the project team
  • use the online contact form to register for future project updates
  • write to:
    Enoggera Road and Moran Street intersection upgrade
    City Projects Office
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated: 9 August 2022

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