Supplier registration

Suppliers can register with Council using the Supplier Registration Form.

Mandatory fields for the completion of a successful registration include:

  • company name
  • language
  • address details (Post code, City and Country)
  • Contact Personal Information (Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Language and Country)

Existing suppliers must state their current supplier number within the Notes section/field when registering.

Registration requests should be limited to one user per supplier. Please consider using a generic shared email account for responses if there is more than one contact person for the organisation. Requests for additional user registrations will only be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note that registration will require two working days to process. Once the registration has been approved, an email response will be sent containing username and password details. Please ensure you have registered in advance of any upcoming tender deadlines to avoid issues.

View the Registration and System Configuration how to guide for more details.

16 October 2014