Neighbourhood plans and other local planning projects

Brisbane is constantly changing. Neighbourhood plans are a tool to manage this change and accommodate growth and better protect valued environments at a local level. As such, not all areas of Brisbane have, or require, a neighbourhood plan. Economic, social, environmental and other planning factors are regularly monitored to determine when a neighbourhood plan may be needed.

The table lists neighbourhood plans, either underway or recently adopted, for your area in Brisbane.

Urban Renewal Neighbourhood Plans (within five kilometres of the CBD)
Middle & Outer Suburb Neighbourhood Plans (outside five kilometres of the CBD)
Other local planning projects
Other plan updates
Previously adopted neighbourhood plans

If your suburb is not listed, it may be in an existing local or neighbourhood plan.

You can also use PDOnline to do a property enquiry search on your address. This will show you if your property is within a local plan or neighbourhood plan area.

22 September 2017