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Sinnamon Park parks

Find the location of parks in Sinnamon Park and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Amazons Place Park 60 Thomas Macleod Avenue  Accessible toilet, barbecue (electric), bikeway network, BMX track, car park, canoe facility, fitness circuit (Burdekin Drive), half court, picnic area (Burdekin Drive, Amazons Place), playground (Burdekin Drive, Amazons Place), shared pathway, skate facility, toilets (Burdekin Drive, Centenary Highway),water (bubbler/drinking fountain/dog bowl/tap)
Avondale Park 32 Blyde Street Half court, playground, barbecue (electric), picnic area
Bellwood Street Park 190 Bellwood Street  
Drummond Street Park 68 Oldfield Road  
Harold Close Park 8 Harold Close  
John Magee Park 50 Condamine Drive Shared pathway network
Oldfield Road Park (no.109) 109 Oldfield Road  
Portadown Park  30 Radcliffe Street Playground
Rosemount Park 27 Drummond Street Barbecue (wood), picnic area, playground (Drummond Street) 
Settlers Park 9 Dove Tree Crescent Barbecue (wood), picnic area (Dove Tree Crescent), playground (Dove Tree Crescent) 
Sinnamon Road Park (no. 139A) 139A Sinnamon Road  
Sir Hercules Sinnamon Park 65 Goggs Road Previously known as Thomas Macleod Avenue Park
St Amand Street Park 16A St Amand Street  
Thomas Macleod Park 40 Sinnamon Road Previously known as Windermere Avenue Park (no.82), includes a dog off-leash area, including small dog dog-off leash area (Staveley Close), lagoon, shared pathway, picnic area


27 September 2018