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Morningside parks

Find the location of parks in Morningside and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Algoori Street Park 121 Algoori Street   Bubbler/tap, playground (Beverley Street) 
Austin Uhlmann Park 191 Richmond Road   Bubbler/tap, playground 
Balmoral Park 481 Wynnum Road
African House (African Society), Mustang Owners Club of Australia, Norman Park Pre-School and Kindergarten, Scouts, Villanova Players, bushland, Brisbane City Council depot, car park, cricket field, playground, toilet
Barwon Street Park 175 Beverley Street  Cannon Hill Anglican College sporting fields, car park 
Bennett's Bushland Park (previously known as Fitzgerald Street Park) 329 Bennetts Road Greening Australia Centre, bubbler/taps/dog bowl, meeting space/picnic area (D'Arcy Road), playground (Agnew Street), rehabilitation site (Bennetts Bush Defenders), water (bubbler/taps/dog bowl) 
Colmslie Reserve (Colmslie Recreation Reserve) 420 Lytton Road  Colmslie Pool, State Hockey Centre (including function rooms), access (Col Gardner Drive), barbecue, boating & fishing precinct including boat ramp and fishing platform, bubbler/taps, car/boat trailer parking (Col Gardner Drive), cricket fields, dog off-leash area, picnic areas, playground, hockey fields (grass), toilet, water (bubbler/tap/drinking fountain)  
Foxton Street Park (no.130) 130 Foxton Street Picnic area, rehabilitation site (Perrin Creek & Seven Hills) 
Jeremiah O'Toole Park 10 Baringa Street Basketball half court, picnic area, playground
Joyce White Park (previously known as Rogoona Street Park) 47 Thynne Road Bubbler/tap, picnic area, playground (Ragoona Street)
Keralgerie Park 191 Richmond Road Bubblers/taps/dog bowl, car park, dog off-leash area, picnic area, playground
Lytton Road Park 202 Lytton Road Barbecue (wood), picnic area, playground  
Mornington Crescent Park 51 Avon Street    
Thynne Road Park 580 Wynnum Road Picnic area, water (bubbler/tap)
Waminda Street Park 10 Foxton Street Playground 
York Street Park (Beelerong Farm) 60 York Street Beerlerong Community Farm, bubbler/tap 


01 March 2019