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As Australia's most biodiverse capital city, Council is committed to protecting, managing and enhancing Brisbane's biodiversity values. As part of this commitment, we are developing a high-level recreation concept plan for the Anstead bushland reserves for future facilities and experiences for children, adults and families.

This planning process includes protecting the reserves' significant values, including the environmental and cultural heritage. The reserves contain eucalypt forests, rainforest species in moist gullies and along the Brisbane River, and bushland restoration sites. These forests create habitat for a diversity of wildlife including koalas, echidnas, wallabies, gliders, frogs, reptiles, and approximately 200 bird species, including powerful owls.

Project summary

This table includes project information for the Anstead bushland reserves project including address, ward, project outcomes and latest news.
Address Anstead Bushland Reserve, 552 Hawkesbury Road
Anstead Bushland Reserve South, 398 Hawkesbury Road 
Mt Crosby Road Park, 758 Mt Crosby Road
Ward Pullenvale
Project outcomes To develop a high-level natural area recreation concept plan for the Anstead bushland reserves, shaped by the community, to provide more opportunities for activity and relaxation.
Latest news Consultation has now closed

About the project

To help guide future development and use of Council's bushland reserves, this project will develop a concept plan for three sites within the Anstead bushland reserves to guide the type and location of future low impact recreational facilities, whilst protecting reserve values, including the environmental and cultural heritage. Current and future bushland restoration sites will not be impacted by new facilities.

The parks and bushland reserves included in this project are included in the table below.

This table includes the parks and bushland reserves included in the Anstead bushland reserves project.
Name Location Current values and facilities
Mt Crosby Road Park 758 Mt Crosby Road Bushland habitat, no facilities
Anstead Bushland Reserve 552 Hawkesbury Road

Bushland habitat and habitat restoration sites.

Popular for picnicking, bird watching, horse riding, and history.

Facilities include car parking, lookout, views of the Brisbane River, remnants of the historical Sugars Quarry, picnic tables/shelters, electric barbecues, toilet (accessible), water bubbler/tap, tracks, and signage.

View photos in Council's Anstead Bushland Reserve Flickr set.

Anstead Bushland Reserve South  398 Hawkesbury Road Habitat restoration site. No formal facilities. Some people may walk or horse ride through the site on fire tracks.

Download the Anstead bushland reserves concept plan site map (Word - 1.7Mb).

Council is aiming to provide a diverse range of nature-based recreation activities in these natural areas, whilst protecting and managing the range of environmental values that occur in these reserves.

The concept plan will identify locations for future recreation opportunities and visitor facilities and demonstrate how the reserve will be protected and enhanced in the long term. The planning priorities for natural areas are nature conservation and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Project benefits

The concept plan will:

  • identify opportunities to protect and enhance the natural values and function of the bushland reserves
  • provide a variety of outdoor recreation facilities for children, adults and families, including all abilities access
  • create opportunities to learn more about local bushland reserves and native plants and animals
  • encourage residents and visitors to get outdoors into nature, have fun, and get fit and healthy.

Aims of the project include:

  • protect and enhance biodiversity values
  • provide safe and attractive places for people to visit and enjoy
  • provide all abilities access where possible
  • provide suitable outdoor recreation opportunities
  • improve visual appeal in and around reserves
  • promote community stewardship of reserves.

Planning now for nature-based outdoor recreations helps ensure that important environmental values are protected for the long term.

Consultation and project timing

Thank you to residents who provided feedback. Consultation has now closed.

This feedback will help decide which features are included in the final concept plan, which is expected to be released in mid-2022.

Creek Catchment and Habitat Brisbane groups

Council works with catchment and habitat groups across Brisbane to help protect and restore biodiversity and waterway values. These groups play an important role in improving awareness of catchment issues within the wider community.

Catchment and bushcare groups are found right across Brisbane and are made up largely of volunteers who host events and activities to improve the health of local creeks and green spaces. You can help out by going to a planting event, helping at a community nursery, or having a say in projects and issues in your local area. Important restoration sites in the Anstead bushland reserves are cared for by the Pullen Pullen Catchment Group and Council and previously the Anstead Bushcare Group which has now closed.

If you are passionate about the local environment and would like to join a local group to do hands-on volunteering to help restore catchments and greenspaces across Brisbane, visit our Creek Catchment program page and/or the Habitat Brisbane community bushcare page, or phone Council on 07 3403 8888 to learn more.

More information

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Last updated: 17 June 2022
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