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The Gap parks

Find the location of parks in The Gap and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Alan Willing Place Park 10 Benarra Street Barbecue, picnic area, playground
Alfred & Lucinda Best Park 89 Payne Road Accessible toilets, basketball keyway, BMX track, bikeway/walkway, netball court, wheelchair access
Allamanda Street Park 41 Allamanda Street Basketball keyway, bikeway, playground, restoration site (Watercress Farm)
Arthur Alfred Pointer Park 1 Clare Place Bikeway
Badrick Place Park 21 Inwood Place Playground
Benjamina Place Park 20 Benjamina Place Barbecue (wood), basketball keyway, picnic area, playground
Bill Fursman Place Park 1348 Waterworks Road  
Birkridge Place Park 44 Birkridge Place   
Bonros Place Park 2 Doyle Place  
Chaprowe Road Park 11 Trebonne Street  
Christian and Margaret Nielson Park (previously known as Parkside Crescent Park) 17 Parkside Crescent Pathway, playground, water (bubbler/tap)
Colin Hogan Park 100 Whitehead Road  
Corramulling Park 136 Yoorala Street Basketball keyway, community garden (Yoorala Street), cricket facility (Yoorala Street Jr), dog off-leash area, picnic area, playground, restoration site (Yoorala Street Bushcare GP), shared pathway
David & Barbara Anderson Park 53 Tilquin Street  
Donegal Place Park 3 Desbet Street  
Doyle Place Park (no. 29) 29 Doyle Place  
Fannings Corner 118 Payne Road  
Glenella Street Park 77 Glenella Street  
Glenferrie Place Park 6 Glenferrie Place  
Highgrove Court Park 7 Highgrove Court  
Illowra Street Park 61 Illowra Street  
Jimna Street Park 5 Jimna Street  
Kilmaine Street Park 26 Kilmaine Street  
Montrose Place Park 24 Maddison Place  
Moses Adsett Park 6 Clare Place Playground
Nicholas Park 1 Anembo Street Habitat restoration site (The Gap Central), playground, shared pathway
Pangela Street Park 41 Chaprowe Road Bikeway, habitat restoration site (Sown Yoralla)
Paten Park 45 Paten Road The Gap Guides, The Gap Scouts, Paten Park Native Nursery, basketball half court, bikeway, dog off-leash area (including a dog off-leash area for small dogs), habitat restoration site (Men of Trees), playground
Payne Road (no.507) 507 Payne Road Payne Road Equestrian facility
Riaweena Street Park 68 School Road Mt Mirrambul The Gap Scout Hut, restoration site (Bob Wilson Bushcare Riaweena Street), shared pathway
Ron Ward Park 8 Tingward Street Playground
Saxonvale Place Park 7 Saxonvale Place  
School Road Park 1176 Waterworks Road The Gap Historical Society Inc. clubhouse
Sherman Street Park 2 Sherman Street  
Solferino Place Park 55 Michaela Crescent Playground (Bromwich Street), restoration site (Sown Ashgrove Sports Ground)
Tilquin Street Park 33 Tilquin Street Playground
Tyrrell Court Park 11 Tyrrell Court  
Walton Bridge Reserve 941 Waterworks Road Barbecues (electric, wood), habitat restoration site (Walton Bridge Reserve Bushcare), picnic areas (Waterworks Road), playgrounds (Waterworks Road), shared pathway, shelter (Waterworks Road), skate facility, sport facility (The Gap Pastime Club), toilets (Waterworks Road)
Walton's Way Park 1052A Waterworks Road  
Wittonga Park 98 Hilder Road Barbecue (wood), basketball half court, bikeway/walkway, BMX track, cricket facility (Brisbane North Jr), dog off-leash area (including dog off-leash area for small dogs), picnic area, playground, restoration site (Wittonga Park Bushcare GP), tennis rebound wall, toilet
Woongarra Street Park 6 Gawalla Street  


19 January 2018