Shaw Estate Park and Mercer Park pump track and park improvements - Kedron

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce works to deliver a number of new park improvements in Shaw Estate Park and Mercer Park, including exciting new scooter and bike elements, a flying fox, a pump track and a family hub area, are expected to start in mid-August 2023, weather and site conditions permitting.

Project summary

AddressTenth Avenue, Kedron
WardNorthgate Ward
Project outcomesConstruction of a new pump track in Mercer Park and park improvements in Shaw Estate Park.
Latest updates
  • Mercer Park works – mid-August 2023 – late 2023
  • Shaw Estate Park works – October 2023 – early 2024

Project work notice – August 2023 (PDF 6.37Mb)
Project work notice  - August 2023 (Word 924.15kb)

About the project

The Shaw Estate Park and Mercer Park pump track and park improvements project will provide the community with more opportunities to enjoy Brisbane's beautiful climate and connect with family and friends in places that make our city great.

As Kedron and the surrounding areas continue to grow, it is important to ensure that our parks can continue to meet the recreational needs of residents. This project is part of Council's commitment to enhance and maintain more than 2100 parks across Brisbane.

The project will deliver a new BMX/pump track which was identified in the Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy. The strategy was developed following extensive community consultation led by the Off-Road Cycling Strategy team that began in 2019 and ran until 2021. The strategy was released in late 2021 to the public.

The project will also incorporate new features along the unique path that runs parallel to Benelong Street between Mercer Park and Wavell Park. The Benelong Bushcare Group can also be found along this path.

These park improvements and assortments of scooter play elements will enhance the community’s active journey from Wavell Park, passing by the Benelong Bushcare Group entrance, and finishing at the family hub and Mercer Park pump track.

Mercer Park works

Mercer Park works will include the delivery of a new pump track, family hub and other new park facilities.

The Mercer Park pump track will provide the local community and active travel users with exciting outdoor activities suitable for all ages and abilities to get outside and have fun.

Mercer Park works are anticipated to start construction from mid-August 2023 and finish in late 2023, weather and construction conditions permitting.

The new facility will include:

  • constructing a new asphalt BMX/pump track with beginner, intermediate and advanced rider zones
  • adding a new shelter area and seating around the pump track
  • installing new external scooter and bike elements along the outer footpath including side ramps and a squiggle obstacle
  • installing a new picnic shelter, barbeque and additional seating
  • upgrading park amenities including new drinking fountains and enclosed bins
  • constructing a new double cableway flying fox with safe fall zones
  • upgrading connecting pathways
  • increasing tree and garden bed plantings.

Download concept map:

Shaw Estate Park works

The Shaw Estate Park works will deliver important park upgrades and incorporate stage one’s family hub within Shaw Estate Park.

This part of the project will incorporate various locations along the existing footpath from Wavell Park to Fourteenth Avenue, Benelong Street, Eleventh Avenue, Boree Street and finishing at Mercer Park.

Shaw Estate Park works are anticipated to start construction in late October 2023 and is expected to finish in early 2024, weather and site conditions permitting.

Park improvements throughout Shaw Estate Park will include:

  • installing a new shelter and bins in Wavell Skate Park
  • upgrading existing seating in Wavell Skate Park
  • installing new seating and planting shade trees along Benelong Street
  • upgrading the existing picnic node at Benelong Street
  • landscaping upgrades to improve the overall park aesthetic
  • improvements to the Benelong Bushcare Group entry
  • construction of new scooter and bike trick nodes along the pathway from the corner of Fourteenth Avenue and along Benelong Street. These nodes will feature a boulders section, ride-through rings, and a moguls slide.

Download concept map:

Construction impacts

Construction will take place between 6.30am and 6.30pm, Monday to Friday, with Saturday works as required.

It is expected that onsite activities will involve earthworks, landscaping, concreting, and the installation of new track elements.

There will be an increase in construction noise, dust, vibration, and vehicle movement in the surrounding streets and along the footpath within the park.

Site fencing will be established to outline and enclose the construction site.

There may be some temporary access changes to the pathways around both parks, signs will be in place to guide pedestrians and park users. Council expects no impacts to the Kedron Brook bikeway for the duration of the project, if impacts occur during construction signs will be in place to guide bikeway users.

All existing park facilities including the outdoor fitness station, picnic shelter, water bubbler and playground will remain open during construction.

Environmental consideration

Council is committed to minimising any impact on the environment during this project and all work will be carried out in accordance with the relevant environmental guidelines. Council will make every effort to minimise environmental impacts during construction.

      More information

      If you would like to find out more about the project, you can:

      • phone the project team on 1800 884 681 during business hours
      • phone Council on 07 3403 8888 outside of business hours
      • email the project team.
      Last updated: 3 August 2023

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